The biggest prize pool in esports history also has time to grow ahead of the mid-August event.

By Jason Venter

If you’re looking to win huge money playing video games professionally, but you’re not playing Dota 2 right now, you’re ignoring the biggest prize around. The ridiculously popular MOBA is bringing gamers and money together like no other title can, which is plainly evidenced by the upcoming competition and its growing prize pool.

As reported on PC Gamer, Dota 2’s next big hurrah is The International 2016, which is still generating revenue that will become part of the prize pool when the competition begins near the middle of next month. Right now, winners can already look forward to receiving a share of more than $18,500,000, and that number has time to grow more significant still. The total also beats last year’s pool, which set a record (at the time) of $18,429,613.

The International is a yearly tournament that began in 2011. Valve, the developer responsible for the free-to-play phenomenon, has put down more than $1.5 of its own money on the table, but significantly larger prizes are made possible by other groups getting involved. Clearly, there’s a lot of money in free games, when they’re the right free games.

If you’re looking for up-to-the-hour reporting on the prize pool total, you can find it on the Dota 2 Prize Pool Tracker site.

Clearly, there’s a vibrant community built around Dota 2, one that is still growing and rewarding its brightest shining stars. Are you already playing Dota 2, and if you’re not, do such impressive tournaments and prizes make you think that maybe it’s time to start?

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