Too cheap to buy Croteam’s awesome puzzler? Prepare to get shafted.

By Devin Connors | @devinconnors | 12-30-2014 | 3:15PM

Have you had a chance to check out The Talos Principle yet? It’s a fantastic first-person puzzler (think Portal, but made by some Ivy League Philosophy major) from the super Serious (Sam) devs known as Croteam. It’s rocking an 87/100 over on Metacritic at the moment, showing that its reception has been generally positive since its release on December 11th.

Positive…unless you’re a game pirate, that is.

The fine crowd over on NeoGAF found out that a bug has been intentionally coded into pirated versions of The Talos Principle. Anyone running an illegitimate copy of TTP will progress through the game up until a key point in the story. Once they hop inside a specific, unavoidable elevator? That’s the game! You’re stuck in the cable car ad infinitum.

The piracy retaliation was reported on Steam community forums for The Talos Principle as a standard bug, but it was quickly outed as an anti-piracy measure. Jokes like this are now the preferred method for dealing with piracy by a number of developers, including Ubisoft. It certainly beats adding additional layers of third-party DRM, which can be problematic for owners of legitimate software.

So if you’re mulling over a The Talos Principle purchase (it’s part of Steam’s holiday sale for $35.99 right now), hopefully this good turn will tip you over the edge. Happy New Year!

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