This is your chance to make an affordable start to your future game development career while supporting a worthy charity in the process.

By Jason Venter

There are a variety of game development engines in use today, including Unity and Unreal. Another popular option is GameMaker, which is operated by YoYo Games in the UK. GameMaker has been used by motivated teams to produce a variety of indie successes, including Hyper Light Drifter, Hotline Miami, Valdis Story, and Cook, Serve, Delicious. There is a free starter version available, but a license to use GameMaker: Studio Pro will normally run you $49.99. This month, however, you can obtain one for considerably less as part of the Humble GameMaker Bundle.

As is typical of Humble Bundles, this particular bundle supports a worthy charity by default, or you can choose a different one from a list of thousands.

There also are several available tiers. You can pledge whatever you like to obtain GameMaker: Studio Pro, along with Uncanny Valley, INK, and source code for Extreme Burger Defense, Freeway Mutant, Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!, and Shep Hard. Cook, Serve, Delicious! is also included at that tier.

Paying the current average or more (currently just over $12) will allow you to obtain the HTML5 module to go along with your base software. You also obtain Home and Solstice, as well as source code for an additional five games: Galactic Missile Defense, Uncanny Valley, INK, 10 Second Ninja X GameMaker Edition, and Cooke, Serve, Delicious!

Finally there is the $15 tier, which includes more modules. Now you can develop games for Android, iOS, and Windows UWP, plus you’ll find source code for both Solstice and Home, which were included in playable form as part of the previous tier.

The people at Humble Bundle reckon that everything included in this bundle is worth a total of $1,885 when not offered as part of a bundle such as this one, so you’ll be doing pretty good if you snag everything for a considerably more manageable $15.

Most of the games and software, when relevant, can also be redeemed on Steam, so you will have convenient access to it in the future. If you’ve been thinking for a while now that you would like to try your hand at game development, this is a terrific chance to test the water with minimal monetary investment. Even if no creative output ever results, at least you also get some games out of the deal and support charity. It’s hard to lose.

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