A new installment in SEGA’s Total War franchise is set to invade PC next year.

By Jason Venter | 09-25-2014 | 3:00PM

These days, it seems like SEGA is known as much for its Total War series as it once was for games featuring a certain blue hedgehog with flashy sneakers. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that another title in the popular strategy series is on the way. Total War: ATTILA, the new installment, is scheduled to arrive next year.

According to a press release issued earlier today, Total War: ATTILA is once again developed by the reliable folks at Creative Assembly. Past games in the series have taken place in a number of periods throughout history, and this one will explore the era that was famously dominated by Attila the Hun.

“The Dark Ages approach,” the press release dramatically notes. “A time of famine, disease and war, where refugees in their thousands flee from a sweeping tide of destruction and death. Desperate barbaric tribes rally against the ailing might of a dying and divided Roman empire; the light of civilization gutters and dims. In the great steppes of Scythia, a vast and terrifying force gathers, led by a warrior king whose thirst for conquest is utterly unequaled. The Scourge of God, the very herald of the apocalypse, Attila the Hun.”


The press release also promises exciting new gameplay mechanics that will improve and add to the systems already in place, though a lot of what is named loses its significance if you’ve not experienced prior games in the series.

“With Total War: ATTILA we will create a Total War game that will challenge and enthrall fans of the series,” promises Janos Gaspar, the game’s project lead. “We’re reintroducing some features that fans have been asking for, such as family trees and skill trees, and improving many of the core aspects of Total War we know are important to them. But to really bring the period to life, we’re building on these foundations with many new strategic features for them to consider, such as advanced street-fighting, civilians, complete settlement destruction and dynamic fire that can rage across a city as armies clash. We want to push players to the limits of their skill to survive against the odds, and to love every minute of it.”

When Total War: ATTILA releases in 2015, it will be available for both Windows PC and Mac. In the meantime, you can play Total War: ROME II on Steam this weekend, free of charge. Try it and see if that whets your appetite for the apocalypse.

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