By Patrick Shaw | 03-02-2013 | 6:00AM

In 2008, Bennet Foddy released QWOP, a simple browser-based game created in Flash where players control an Olympic athlete named “Qwop.” While simple in concept, QWOP’s gameplay is impossible to master as it forces players to control their runner solely by pressing "Q" and "W" on their keyboard to control his individual thighs and "O" and "P" to control his calves.

Despite its punishing difficulty, the game became quite popular as millions of players have attempted to get Qwop to the finish line. It's even spawned a two-player sequel titled 2QWOP.

On Wednesday, the game’s creator Bennet Foddy announced on Twitter that he’s working with Noodlecake Studios to release QWOP on Android. That’s good news for fans of the game as the developer has produced a number of mobile game hits including Super Stickman Golf and Zombie Road Trip. So it seems that the porting duties are in capable hands.
No release date has been announced thus far, but while you wait you can still play the original game on Foddy’s website.