By Jason Venter | 03-03-2013 | 12:00PM

The industry moves at such a rapid pace that we don’t always have enough time to provide detailed coverage for some of the exciting stuff that happens between the bigger announcements. Each week, we’ll gather some of those news tidbits and share our thoughts on why we believe they deserve to be highlighted, even though for one reason or another they didn’t quite make it to center stage during the preceding seven days. We think you’ll agree that they’re still quite interesting.

German Court Makes Useless Ruling in Case Against Google

Google has been fighting in Germany for the right to aggregate news without paying royalty fees. Publishers resented the way Google was using their content, while Google maintained that it should have the right to include brief excerpts when linking to stories on the originating sites. This past week, courts pretended to reach a decision on the matter. They ruled that it’s fair for services such as Google to use “very small text excerpts,” but stopped short of providing any clue as to what that description might entail. Conventional wisdom holds that Google’s excerpts are already very short, but German publishers apparently did not agree. Both sides have reason to declare victory following the ruling, which in this case unfortunately means that the court case didn’t actually accomplish anything. You can probably look forward to a sequel, coming to German courts in the near future.

Original source: Venture Beat


Assassin's Creed IV Hits October 29, Also Releasing for 'Next-Gen Consoles'

The next Assassin’s Creed title is called Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. You’ll be able to find it in stores starting October 29th. Ubisoft apparently didn’t intend to reveal that particular information until Monday, but UK game site DarkZero found a way to access some of the teaser site’s content prematurely. Ubisoft has elsewhere noted that the title will be available for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC, and the teaser site promises that it is “also coming to next-gen consoles.” That’s a lot of assassination…

Original source: Joystiq


Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Delayed a Week

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, the next title in the niche series of JRPGs for PlayStation 3, was previously scheduled to arrive in North America on March 12. The game is still scheduled to arrive throughout most of Europe on March 15, as originally planned, but North American gamers now have to wait until March 21 and UK residents won’t be able to find it in stores until March 22. NIS America’s press release didn’t cite a reason for the delay, but one reasonable guess is “because there are too many great games coming out all at once.”

Original source: Joystiq


Anomaly 2 Headed for Spring Time Release

Late last week, 11bit Studios officially announced Anomaly 2, the next installment in its series of tower-offense games. This time around, you’ll be able to battle with mechs and also face off against friends. One player will control defending alien towers (which actually started the fight by invading our planet) while the other one takes control of offensive convoys. The game currently is planned for a spring launch on PC, Mac, and Linux, and has a suggested price tag of $14.99.

Original source: Joystiq


Metro: Last Light to Release on May 14

The March release date that publisher THQ had planned for Metro: Last Light is now a thing of the past. Deep Silver announced this past week that the game won’t arrive in North America until May 14, with release in other regions to follow shortly thereafter. That’s not exactly a surprise, given THQ’s closure and the last-minute shift to a new publisher.

Original source: Joystiq