By Jason Venter | 02-28-2013 | 6:00AM

While many of us are busy using smartphones to text inspirational messages such as “cya” and “kk” and “lol” or to snap pictures of an inebriated friend with whipped cream on his face, there are some people who are using the power of the Android operating system and miniature cameras to do some interesting things.

According to a PC World report researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Germany used components from an Android smartphone (along with some custom boards) to produce a camera that could film the world from the back of a soaring eagle.

PC World’s report notes that the experiment went further than simply capturing footage, as well; the institute has also developed a camera that features a number of other tools you have access to with your smartphone, such as a compass, gyroscope, barometer, and so forth. An eagle might not have much use for those tools, but a Bluetooth interface is also possible and video and data can be streamed to engineers in real time.

“On one side, there are these very powerful processors, but on the other side, small and medium companies in different markets don’t have access to that,” said Michael Schmid, a Fraunhofer Institute researcher. “That’s why we decided that we close the gap between that. We try to bring up reference boards, train engineers in these companies, how they can use these processors. We wrote API drivers, we wrote software, sample applications, that make life easier for these end customers.”

The footage that is being captured will be put to use in “The Way of the Eagle,” a movie that Terra Mater Factual Studios plans to release in 2014. If you’ve always wanted a birds-eye view of the world, it could be one film to watch for.