By Patrick Shaw | **HOLIDAY SPECIAL**

As we approach the new year, it is time once again for many of us to set goals for ourselves to better our lives. But in the mobile age, there is an abundance of apps that will help you achieve those ambitions. Whether you want to lose weight or learn a new language, the following is a look at a half dozen great Android apps that will help you accomplish your 2013 New Year’s Resolutions.



by LinkedIn (Free)

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Empowering professionals in virtually any industry to share their work experience online—and connect with millions of other people in their field—LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for anyone with career goals. It’s even become the preferred way for many employers to quickly review the qualifications of potential hires. And LinkedIn’s Android app is a convenient way to access your profile, ensure it is up to date with your current information and even discover new job opportunities that are suited for your particular skills and experience. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to make a change in their career.


Endomondo Sports Tracker

by Endomondo (Free or $4.99 for the Pro version)

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Many people take advantage of when the new calendar year begins by setting goals for themselves that will positively impact their health. And with the Endomondo Sports Tracker app, Android users have a wealth of tools at their disposal that can help them get in shape. Whether you’re trying to build muscle mass or just want to shed a few pounds by sticking to a daily running schedule, the app allows you to monitor your physical activity, set workout goals for yourself and even view your friends’ workout schedules in real-time to keep you motivated. While the app is free, the Pro version offers several useful features like exercise programs guided by a virtual trainer’s voice.



by Intuit Inc (Free)

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While there are a variety of personal finance apps available on Google Play,’s free Android app is unquestionably one of the best ways to manage your money on a smart device. On top of being able to easily access and review your banking accounts, Mint features tools that enable you to maintain a budget and even generate a graph that shows you where you’re spending your money the most. It’s genuinely one of thee best mobile resources for reducing unnecessary spending.


50 Languages

by 50languages (Free)

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A lot of people take advantage of the new year by trying to learn a new language.  And as its name suggests, the 50 Languages app is a valuable aide for learning how to speak in Spanish, German, Chinese and 47 other major languages spoken around the world. The app won’t make you completely fluent in the languages you wish to learn, but its 100 lessons will quickly teach you basic vocabulary and phrases that make this an indispensible tool for world travelers.



by Fooducate, Ltd. (Free)

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You’ve probably heard the following: research has shown that Food A isn’t actually good for you, while Food B can dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease. But how often do you actually try to incorporate that knowledge into your diet and how do you know if these stories are credible or not? The Fooducate – Healthy Food Diet app is a great resource that allows you to scan the barcodes on food in the supermarket, easily analyze its nutritional information and even select healthier alternatives if, for instance, you discover your favorite dish is loaded with nitrates.


Get Rich or Die Smoking

by Tobias Gruber (Free)

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Another one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions, quitting smoking—and staying off the smokes for good—can be immensely difficult. And as there are multiple ways to try to kick the habit, there are also a variety of Android apps designed to keep you smoke free. Tobias Gruber’s app motivates users who want to quit by breaking down the amount of money they're saving every day by not smoking—and also shows them the more positive things they could afford with all that money.