By Jason Venter | 03-02-2013 | 12:00PM

You might recall a recent trial that concluded in August of 2012 when a jury awarded a whopping $1.05 billion to Apple after the company prevailed against Samsung. The two companies have been feuding over smartphones, with Apple saying that the Galaxy Prevail and similar models from Samsung are examples of that company “slavishly copying” Apple’s devices.

As reported on Bloomberg, that initial award was today modified by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh of San Jose, California. Koh turned down a request from Apple to increase that already substantial reward and instead reduced it by $450.5 million, which cut it nearly in half and surely made some people at Samsung very happy. She also called for a new trial.

In her ruling, Koh noted that “It is not the proper role of the court to second-guess the jury’s factual determination as to the proper amount of compensation,” but she also indicated that the jury shouldn’t be bound to accept estimates of damages from either party involved in the case.

Apple still may earn an additional award from the courts because Samsung sold other potentially infringing devices that the jury had not considered as part of the case in question. Those products will be considered in the new trial that Koh ordered, which is currently scheduled to begin on August 25th. There’s also the possibility that today’s order will be reviewed by an appeals court before any new trials begin. Koh actually encouraged such a development.

The battle between Samsung and Apple is an interesting one because the two companies are both leaders in the massive smartphone market, and also because Samsung actually manufacturers components that are used in the Apple devices it has been accused of copying. There’s a lot of market share and money on the line, and it’s unlikely that courts will make any final determination on the ongoing feud for a long, long while.