By McKinley Noble | 03-03-2013 | 9:00PM

For over 100 years, Variety has been a key source of film and entertainment news that's technologically kept up with the times. Now, another step in the publication's evolution has come to pass.

As announced this past weekend, Variety has taken down the paywalls for their main website, now offering up all their content for free.

It's a move that's arguably been three years in the making, as has been one of the few major Hollywood/entertainment websites that's set their content up on a subscription base for such a relatively long period of time.

As noted in the site's official statement, the changes come on the heels of both reader feedback and the publication's recent October 2012 purchase by Penske Media.

With those changes now implemented, the website has also gotten a complete redesign in order to establish a uniform look across desktop browsers, smartphones and tablets.

Hopefully, this also translates to increased traffic for, which has been on a very slight decline over the last handful of years—although the well-established company is still recognized as one of the essential pillars of their industry's news.