By McKinley Noble | 01-04-2012 | 6:00AM

Sometimes, it's hard to appreciate the technological Silver Age we're living in without looking at the raw numbers.

But today, the NPD Group gives us a very clear reminder of just how much Americans love their gadgets, as a recent report from the market research and consumer trends firm reveals that 400 million Internet-connected devices are actively being used across the United States right this very minute.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there's only a projected 315 million people living in the States right now, which means there's at least one Internet-capable device for each person in the country:

The Connected Home report found that while computers are still the primary connected device, numerous others are diminishing the computer’s relevance to the broadband content marketplace.

This trend is being fueled by devices such as gaming consoles and Blu-ray Disc players adding to the number of Internet connected HDTVs, and the connectivity piped directly to the TV itself. Strong consumer retail sales in developing categories such as tablets and smartphones are also impacting the traditional computer’s share of Internet connected devices.

Additionally, it's no longer uncommon for a single American household to have multiple TV sets and a computer and/or tablet for every family member (even young children), as well as one smartphone per person.

That's a substantial change from just 25 years ago, where most households arguably had just one TV set per house, with a single computer shared between several people. But as technology becomes more accessible, three devices per person seems to be the new norm.