By McKinley Noble | 01-16-2013 | 6:00PM

Temple Run has been one of the biggest success stories in the Android community, notching millions of downloads since the game launched in Google Play last March.

Now, the twitch-reaction title is getting a practical sequel in Temple Run 2, due to release next week for Android.

Like the first Temple Run, the sequel will be free-to-play with the option to buy enhancements and power-ups as your character races through the game's twisting, turning booby-trapped ruins.

Over 170 million people have downloaded Temple Run between all smartphones and tablets, and Temple Run 2 should perform just as well.

Heck, just this past Christmas, over 1 million Android owners added the game to their devices, according to a Twitter message from Imangi founder Keith Shepard.

NVision will keep an eye out for Temple Run 2's release, and we'll let you know when it eventually hits Google Play—hopefully as soon into the week as humanly possible for the developers.