By McKinley Noble | 03-04-2013 | 8:45AM

Although NVision brings you Android, tech, gaming and movie news around the clock, even we can't get to everything worth seeing on the Internet. But to help you out, here's today's required reading for March 4th, 2013.

Business Insider breaks down Google's self-driving car, and just about every major functional problem that's holding it back. Apparently, even a computer can get lost and won't stop for directions.

Destructoid reports that Mega Man X Street Fighter—the surprise retro-style free PC release from Capcom—has netted 1 million downloads, making it the fifth "best-selling" title in the series' history. We don't know what that means for the Blue Bomber's future, but hopefully Capcom's a little more interested in keeping him around. [Header image via Christoper Hastings.]

• If you're not familiar with the concept of a "barcade" business, it's exactly what you might think—a glorious combination of a video game arcade and a bar. Polygon covers exactly what it's like to run such a place in a rather extensive feature that makes for an especially good sit-down read.

• There a short-but-interesting recap at the Wall Street Journal regarding the future of Hulu, which is owned by Disney and News Corp. as a co-partnership deal. In a nutshell, one is looking to sell their share to the other, and it could spell the difference between Hulu being a free service or continuing its subscription-based model.

• New Scientist reports that NASA is using a unique way to shield a manned-spacecraft from radiation in a 2018 fly-by around Mars: a healthy coating of human feces. Yup, we couldn't make that up.

• And speaking of space travel, Mashable has a pretty cool feature about the Hubble space telescope, and how it takes all the amazing photos that it brings back from its long-running ventures out into the unknown.