By McKinley Noble | 03-01-2013 | 6:30AM

Although NVision brings you Android, tech, gaming and movie news around the clock, even we can't get to everything worth seeing on the Internet. But to help you out, here's today's required reading for March 1st, 2013.

• Can you imagine having an Android device, but no access to any paid Google Play apps? That's apparently what Taiwan has been going through for the last 20 months, as The China Post reports that the region is finally getting back their access, originally withheld due to legal disputes with the Taipei city government.

• If you live in Hawaii, you may categorically be one of the world's most satisfied people. USA Today broke down the entire United States in a "well-being" chart that compiles data on living conditions, standard health and more—Hawaii came out on top once again for its fourth consecutive year.

• Russia's recent meteor scare has recently gotten people thinking about the world's space programs, and just how effectively they can help prevent a Bruce Willis-less Armageddon. On that topic, Universe Today outlines how NASA could be hampered by impending budget cuts, and how it might decrease the Earth's ability to prepare for more meteor incidents.

• In less planet-dooming news, Ars Technica has followed up on the infamous "six strikes" rules being enforced by the Copyright Alert System, bringing you a detailed look at what happens when you're caught illegally downloading media.

• Apparently, it's some kind of Internet meme that people hate Anne Hathaway. We don't really get it—she's quite talented—and neither does CNN star journalist Anderson Cooper, according to the Huffington Post.

• Hopefully, you weren't looking forward to the third Hobbit movie too much, because Rolling Stone says it's been pushed back to December 2014 instead of that July. With all the work that goes into those Lord of the Rings films, it's not a shock, and the extra time should help the film perform much better during holidays and the Oscar rush.