By McKinley Noble | 03-05-2013 | 10:00AM

Although NVision brings you Android, tech, gaming and movie news around the clock, even we can't get to everything worth seeing on the Internet. But to help you out, here's today's required reading for March 5th, 2013.

• There's a lot of new cars being revealed at this year's Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, but Volkswagen is drawing plenty of attention with their XL1 two-seat diesel plug-in hybrid—a car that the company touts as "the world's most fuel efficient vehicle" yet (via NPR). Judging by the reports so far from drive tests, we already want one.

• Ferrari, the company name that's practically synonymous with "roadster", isn't one to be outdone as USA Today reports the unveiling of their 1000-horsepower "LaFerrari" gas-electric hybrid. Don't think you can buy one, though—even at more than $1 million per car, the line is already sold out.

• Unfortunately, even the fastest cars in the world won't help some of us regular folks. CNN Money has an interesting report that says over 600,000 Americans have "megacommutes" of over 90 minutes.

• With the White House agreeing that people should be allowed to unlock their smartphones, Information Week provides a deep editorial about what that means for businesses. Regardless of the law being enforced, it's apparent that cellular providers are going to have to rethink some strategies.

• United States' West Coast dwellers are remarkably lucky to have In-N-Out locations so widely accessible, and half of it's because of the delicious menu. Although many of the chain's cooking secrets aren't made public, The Huffington Post recaps a Reddit "IAmA" post where an anonymous cook tells some tasty stories about his own customized menu.