By McKinley Noble | 01-01-2013 | 3:00AM

Reddit has closed out 2012 with one of their best years ever in terms of traffic and community interaction, as the company sites a few incredibly impressive statistics from the last 12 months' traffic haul.

On their official company blog, Reddit posted a list of year-end highlights showing their growth, including a full set of awards for the site's best "Subreddit" groups.

By far, the most impressive stat alone is their 37 billion pageviews, which currently lands Reddit a spot as the world's 134th largest website and America's 66th most active Internet portal (according to Alexa).

Along with that, here's a handful of other tidbits from Reddit, further outlining their amazing year:

  • 400 Million Unique Visitors
  • 4 Billion Votes
  • 30 Million Posts
  • 260 Million Comments

This past year, Reddit's most popular post came from the President of the United States himself, as Barack Obama hosted an "IAmA" chat on August 29th, answering select questions from various Reddit community members.

(Only one other "IAmA" made it into the "Top 10" posts of 2012, hosted by South Korean rapper PSY—the artist responsible for the viral mega-hit "Gangnam Style" super single.)

It's pretty clear that Obama's Q&A session was the highest trafficked Reddit post of the year (thanks in no small part to word-of-mouth via social media), racking up 5.6 million hits. By comparison, the next three most popular posts in Reddit's "Top 10" of 2012 barely made up more pageviews combined.