By McKinley Noble | 01-02-2013 | 3:00AM

Even though 2012 was set to be the first year that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences adopted online voting, the process has become so cumbersome that it's offset the deadline for Oscar nominations.

As such, the Academy has pushed back the deadline from Thursday, January 3rd to Friday, January 4th in order to allow members more time to vote for their intended selections.

Curiously, this is the first time that the Academy has suffered any type of voting irregularly—at least, the type that would throw off the entire process and force members to essentially re-issue their votes.

Typically, the AMPAS votes with paper ballots, which has been the standard voting process since the Oscars' inception.

Various media outlets have reported that the key problem was the website specifically built to tally votes, as several older members of the Academy were unable to access it with their special passwords.

Despite the trouble, everything else should keep to its intended schedule, as nominations for the 85th Academy Awards will still be announced live on Thursday, January 10th. As for the 2013 Oscars ceremonies, the event will be broadcast on ABC and hosted by Seth MacFarlane on Sunday, February 24th.