By McKinley Noble | 03-04-2013 | 10:45PM

Rumors about Warner Bros. Studios' anticipated Justice League film continue to orbit around the movie's pre-production phase, but the latest leaks could change everything if they're true.

According to Latino Review—an independent movie news website with a solid track record on DC's projects—Christopher Nolan has "completely taken over the [DC Universe] at Warner Bros." as the main lead on all its film projects.

Once again, if true, that could fundamentally change everything about Justice League.

As the rumor goes, Nolan's involvement starts with the upcoming Superman film Man of Steel, which Warner Bros. is reportedly ecstatic about debuting in theaters.

Moreover, Zack Snyder will be producing and directing under Nolan's watch, with the whole thing being geared as a vehicle to bring Christian Bale back to reprise his Batman role.

Apparently, the impetus for this came from Disney gaining the powerful duo of Joss Whedon (The Avengers) and J.J. Abrams (Star TrekStar Wars: Episode VII), which makes the largest movie franchises in the world director-driven projects.

As such, Nolan is the biggest, most well-respected name that Warner Bros. could enlist for their fight.

That's not to mention Bale's massive star power, which is being counted on to elevate the movie alongside an intended star in Henry Cavill, should Man of Steel prove to be a massive success at the box office.


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