By McKinley Noble | 01-01-2013 | 12:00AM

Every time midnight hits one of the world's 40 time zones, a new set of countries celebrates New Year's Eve. This time, Instagram wants to bring you some of that worldwide cheer through a special photo stream.

As highlighted on their official blog, the company has published a special New Year's Eve page that updates itself with new photography around the clock, with a new section opening up on each stroke of midnight.

By the time this article publishes, you should be able to see New Year's greetings from places like Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, Cairo, Berlin and New York.

Simply click though the selection of time zones at the bottom, and the page will instantly feed you images from the corresponding cities that are tagged in that block.

Last on the list should be our Pacific Ocean-based friends in Honolulu, the final time zone that will say "goodbye" to 2012 as the world turns.

Instagram's photo stream is best viewed on desktop-sized browsers, though, as the mobile version and app gives you far fewer options for browsing through the specially selected pictures in the stream. Regardless, it should be heavily populated throughout the night as more and more party pictures are sent to Instagram.