By McKinley Noble | 09-16-2013 | 1:15PM

Google continues to make solid acquisitions of notable groups, with the company now plunking down a healthy chunk of change for the Bump app.

Bump initially started out as a simple way for people to trade contact information between smartphones, using physical contact "magic" to move data between two mobile devices without NFC tech.

Eventually, that expanded to include support for photos, files and more while also getting a web portal for desktop compatibility, making it a rather popular syncing tool.

After raising $20 million in funds but finding limited growth, this buyout is pretty good news for Bump Technologies, who acknowledged their sale to Google in an official company blog post:

"We couldn't be more thrilled to join Google, a company that shares our belief that the application of computing to difficult problems can fundamentally change the way that we interact with one another and the world.

"Bump and Flock will continue to work as they always have for now; stay tuned for future updates."

Exactly what Google hopes to gain from the buyout is anyone's guess, but if it's anything like Waze, you might expect to see some Bump features implemented in Android.

For example, Waze and Google continue to operate as separate entities, but Google recently started to port features like community traffic alerts into the UI for Google Maps off of Waze's backend.


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