By McKinley Noble | 03-04-2013 | 3:00PM

If you've been planning to buy the official ASUS-branded Nexus 7 protective cover, you'll have to pay extra mind to your color choice.

Android Police reports that both the pink and gray covers are now going vintage, with only the light blue cover being offered at Google's official page for their flagship Android tablet.

Fortunately, ASUS still offers the official cover for the Nexus 7 in all of the original colors.

That includes orange, teal and light gray—although it wouldn't be surprising to see some of them go out of stock in the future.

At the moment, you can also find them at a few online retailers, giving you an extra option.

(If you're outside of the U.S., though, you should still be able to pick up the pink version from Google Play.)