By McKinley Noble | 01-02-2013 | 9:00AM

Google is steadily making headway on "Project Glass" into the new year, but according to one of the key team members behind the early prototypes, the company is still nailing down core features.

That's the most recent update from Professor Babak Parviz, an electrical engineering expert formerly employed at University of Washington who joined Google in 2010.

During an interview with IEEE Spectrum, Parviz spoke at length about several intricacies and developments for Project Glass, noting current challenges such as head movement and voice commands, two main features dramaticized in a popular concept video published on Google's official YouTube profile.

According to Parviz, even the core feature set for Project Glass isn't set, as the team continues to fine-tune their prototypes:

We haven’t actually talked about specific features. We have mentioned some basic capabilities, like taking a picture and sharing it. We are experimenting with a lot of things. The feature set for the device is not set yet. It is still in flux.

At the very least, Parviz did confirm that advertising would not be part of the experience, possibly hinting that the Project Glass network would be solely run on the Mountain View-based company's own resources. No business model has been set up yet, but Google is still ironing out more important features like phone calls, battery life, visual safety and information sharing.