By McKinley Noble | 02-28-2013 | 10:45PM

For over three years, the chilling Marble Hornets web series has practically redefined the concept of a found-footage horror series while simultaneously becoming an online hit.

Most famously, Marble Hornets is largely responsible for helping to solidify the mythos of "The Slender Man"—an urban legend created by horror fans across the Internet, often depicted in the form of an abnormally tall, faceless, menacing man in a business suit.

That same figure has been the subject of many Internet short films and longer-running stories, but perhaps none have been as consistent nor as serious as Marble Hornets.

Now, the creators of the show will be teaming up with the second unit director behind Paranormal Activity, as reported by Variety:

"Mosaic is producing the film along with Kirill Baru and John Zaozirny. James Moran, the second unit director on the past three "Paranormal Activity" films, is set to direct from Ian Shorr's script.

"Created by Troy Wagner and Joseph Delage, "Marble Hornets" has more than 250,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 55 million views and 65 episodes populated with a faceless villain, The Operator. The story originated with fictional film student Alex Kralie, who abandoned his feature project after encountering The Operator while shooting."

Currently, it's not known whether or not this film project will adapt the web series or expand on its current narrative.

Aside from Marble Hornet's main YouTube profile, the creators have essentially crafted an augmented reality storyline analogous with the show, complete with its own Twitter profile, an alternate video account and more hidden content.