Build a kingdom to last through the ages.

By Jason Venter

Starting this week, you can use your NVIDIA SHIELD to play the most recent release from Noio, a ridiculously small but clearly talented development team that first released a game called Kingdom in 2015. That first game received quite favorable reviews, and now the developers have brought it back with new features and an expanded world. Fittingly, the improved edition is titled Kingdom: New Lands.

In Kingdom: New Lands, you play as a monarch who takes a hands-on approach to your kingdom’s expansion, not entirely unlike the hero in Little King’s Story. In this case, though, you have a passion for coins. That’s because the more of them you gather, the more you can grow and strengthen your kingdom. Money makes the world go ’round. You’ll hire soldiers, improve walls (to protect from invading monsters), and develop the dangerous wilds so that they become part of your domain.

As a recent release from a small developer, Kingdom: New Lands hasn’t yet attracted a lot of attention from game critics and from players in general, but those who have played it thus far seem to have had a very positive experience indeed. “I can’t recommend this game highly enough,” wrote Paul Ryan of Brash Games, in response to the PC version, “and I also can’t see a single gamer who wouldn’t enjoy playing it.”

Those who own an NVIDIA SHIELD can purchase Kingdom: New Lands for only $6.99 on the Google Play store, a price point that represents a hefty discount compared to the title’s asking price on Steam and Xbox Live.

If you’ve been looking for something that will test your mettle and keep you busy for hours on end, consider giving Kingdom: New Lands a shot.

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