He may not be clipping his fingernails in public, but Gary Busey is still a menace and must be stopped…

By Jason Venter

You perhaps know him best as the lovable star of 1980’s romantic comedy, “Foolin’ Around,” but Gary Busey has actually enjoyed a lengthy career that dates back to an uncredited appearance in 1968’s less classic feature, “Wild in the Streets.” Now, the 72-year-old actor can add one more role to his repertoire: corpse.

In Hitman, the ongoing video game about an assassin named Agent 47 who kills challenging targets around the world, Gary Busey plays himself. He is a legendary Hollywood actor who at one point agreed to shoot a commercial, but then he bailed on the project while claiming that he has the power to be “invisible.” The people who hired him to hawk their wares have lost millions as a result of Busey’s eccentricities, and they aren’t amused. They contract Agent 47 to kill the poor fellow.

The mission to hunt down Gary Busey is the latest episode in a series of such episodes. It follows a clever marketing campaign that asked gamers to vote for their target between two celebrities named Gary: Busey himself, and also Gary Cole (who was just about perfect as Bill Lumbergh in the movie “Office Space”). Apparently, the votes were tallied and Gary Busey was the winner, but Gary Cole isn’t about to be left out of the process. In fact, you’ll be able to seek his assistance as you work to find your target.

Square Enix is taking a unique approach with Hitman, turning the series episodic and offering players their first taste for $14.99. It’s possible also to buy the “full experience” and experience new content as it releases, including the contract on Gary Busey, for a heftier $59.99. Individual missions are also available separately for $9.99 apiece.

Are you looking forward to assassinating a virtual Gary Busey? Do you think he should have won the contest, or was Gary Cole the bigger scoundrel? Let us know in the comments, and definitely check out the embedded video if you would like more information about Agent 47’s latest hit.

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