25 new levels, enhanced gameplay features and vibrant visuals built on the new CC3D game engine 2.0 hit Chuck’s Challenge 3D.


A beefy new update for Chuck’s Challenge 3D, the spiritual successor to the classic puzzle game hit Chip’s Challenge, has gone live on Google Play introducing a slew of all-new features, enhancements, and reasons to revisit (or play for the first time if you haven’t already) one of the best puzzle games on Android.

Now available to download on Android via Google Play, and boasting high-end visuals and graphical effects optimized for NVIDIA SHIELD, the new and improved Chuck’s Challenge 3D Ultra 2016 once again casts players as the purple extraterrestrial Woop who must utilize his puzzle-solving prowess to overcome a series of exciting new challenges.

Chuck's Challenge 3D Ultra 2016

Chuck’s Challenge 3D Ultra 2016

As the “Ultra” in its name implies, this is not merely a minor update to the Chuck’s Challenge 3D experience. The development team at Niffler explains they spent two full years creating new gameplay features and improvements to ensure this is the definitive edition of the game.

Chuck’s Challenge 3D Ultra 2016 serves up a total of 25 all new levels to play through, which are part of the Flummery bundle. The new levels are designed to put players’ skills to the test as they offer a considerable challenge to not only new players but seasoned fans of the series. Additionally, the update brings brand new in-game elements including seven objects and five pets. A trio of music tracks have also been created to help make the entire experience feel fresh again.


On top of the variety of new gameplay features players can enjoy, the game’s visuals have also received a significant boost as they’ve been rebuilt using the CC3D game engine 2.0, which enhances everything you see in the game.

Like the original edition of the game, Chuck’s Challenge 3D Ultra 2016 features gameplay and graphics optimized to look and run the best on NVIDIA’s SHIELD family of devices including SHIELD Android TV.Get the game now for just $2.

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