Google’s Android-powered entertainment platform begins shipping to developers.

By Edwin Kee Ubergizmo

If you are interested in developing apps for Google’s Android TV, then you will be pleased to hear that the first batch of developer kits has already begun to arrive with developers.

It was right after the announcement of Android TV at Google I/O that developers could apply for an early prototype of the Android-powered gaming console.

This preview console will give developers a chance to design their respective applications, and now those developers have begun to receive their units, which includes an ADT-1 reference Android TV console in addition to a game controller.

The whole idea of a dev preview device makes plenty of sense as it gives developers a head start on creating software specifically for the platform.

For the masses, Android TV won’t be available until later this fall, but Google wants to make sure that early adopters will not end up with a piece of hardware that has barely any software worth running on it.

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