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NVision is a free app that keeps you up to date on the world's coolest games, apps, movies, gadgets and technology.

NVision is a free app that highlights the coolest entertainment across Gaming (both Android and PC), Movies, Gadgets, and Technology with an eye for the most exciting and cutting-edge graphics. Updated daily with high-def visuals, video and in-depth stories, NVision covers the spectrum of visual entertainment from the newest games and effects-driven movies to how visual technology is redefining entertainment, the hottest gadgets and cutting-edge science and technology that affects your digital life.


No app on the market covers videogames the way NVision does. Thanks to insider perspectives and in-depth analysis of developer technology and techniques, NVision pulls back the pixel curtain to reveal the art and science behind today's hottest games across the ever-expanding world of Android.


There are more than 250,000 apps in the Android Marketplace (and counting). We sort through it all and pick the best, most useful and easy to use apps every week, with direct links to download the ones you like.


We know that you don't just play games on your tablet. Sometimes you want to sit at your desk or on your couch, kick your feet up, and play some PC or console games. Well, we've got you covered with the latest news and previews of the biggest and best games these platforms have to offer.


Ever watch a visually intense movie and wonder, “How'd they do that?” We reveal the secrets behind the special effects trickery you see on the silver screen, as well as TV, commercials, sporting events, and more. Want to know the latest on your favorite movie? We'll have that too, as we bring the biggest news stories in entertainment to your tablet.


NVision takes readers to the forefront of visual technology–from bleeding-edge graphics processors to 3D monitors and in-car entertaiment, NVision delivers in-depth coverage of tomorrow's tech today.


Our gadget section previews the hottest new devices on the market–from tablets to the latest phones and smart-TVs and gives you all the info you need to make the right choice.


We’ve created a section of NVision dedicated entirely to showcasing high-definition videos including original Android game play footage captured by our editors, trailers for new games on all platforms, visual demonstrations of innovative technology and more.


In NVision’s Top Picks category, you’ll find reviews on the latest Android video games and apps as well as our weekly roundups of the best new releases on Google Play.